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Coach Qualifications

To teach Skate Canada programs at the Ayr Skating Club, coaches must:
  • be National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) trained and/or certified by Skate Canada. 
  • be a current registered professional coaching member of Skate Canada.
  • have completed a Skate Canada approved clearance check and positions of trust check.
  • hold a valid First Aid certificate.

Carolyn Allwright 
Skating Program Coordinator/Coach

    Carolyn is a Skate Canada Certified National Coach who has taught in both small and large city clubs. Her experience in coaching is from the grass roots to international level. She has significant Learn to Skate coordinator and administrative experience with programs of all sizes. She is a nationally trained Master Learning Facilitator delivering various levels of coaching certification courses, Carolyn was part of
    the inaugural implementation of Club Consultants for Skate Canada and Skate Ontario. Carolyn is a Team Leader for Skate Canada on the International circuit including Junior and Senior Grand Prix events and ISU Championships. She contributed to the LTAD committee and was selected to be a member of Skate Canada's CanSkate Resource Team. She volunteers within Skate Ontario and Skate Canada.


Carolyn is not currently accepting new students for private lessons but is part of the coaching team and may work with students from time to time.


Meredith Ovenden 

Base Coach


Coaching Certification: Regional Certified; Provincial Training In-Progress


Years of Experience: 13 years


Experience: Coached in local skating clubs for over 12 years from Pre-Can up to Gold levels.  Choreographed various Singles, Interpretive, Artistic and Ice show routines.  


Honours Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo and Life Coaching Certification.


Personal Skating Accomplishments:

  • Top 3 Provincial Adult Skate Competitor
  • Quadruple Gold Medalist: Dance, Skills, Interpretive and Freeskate
  • Trained in local area for 20 years in skating, fitness and dance/movement
  • Trained in Senior Competitive Singles with Olympic-level coaches


Rate: $13.00/15 min


Figure skating is my passion!  I take a positive coaching approach with all skaters, focusing on the development of athleticism, expression, and mental skills.


Grayson Lochhead
Base Coach

Coaching certification: Regional Certified, CanPower Trained

Years of Experience: 4 years

Experience and Personal Accomplishments:
  • CanSkate Certified since 2018
  • Regional Coach since 2018, Certified in May 2021
  • Competitive Ice dancer for 10 years
  • 2016 Novice National Champions
  • 4 years at Junior level
  • 5 International competitions representing Canada
  • Trained with Olympic level coaches and training mates
Rate: $11.25/15 mins


Megan Kroetsch 
Learn-to-Skate Lead Coach

Coaching Certification: Club Coach Certified - CanSkate

Years of Experience: 11 years

Experience: Certified Canskate & Pre-Canskate Coach (10 years), Lead Coach & Canskate Coordinator with ASC (3 years). Specialized in coaching beginners of all ages and abilities. Honours Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, University of Guelph. Graduate Certificate in Leadership Development, Conestoga College.

Personal Skating Accomplishments:

  • Junior Bronze Free-Skate
  • Junior Bronze & Senior Bronze Dance
  • Second Figure Certified/ Skating Skills Class 5

Contact: m_kroetsch@hotmail.com

*not available for private lessons



George Han
Base Coach

Coaching Certification: Regional Certified; Provincial Training In-Progress

Years of Experience: 30 years

Experience: Coached in KW area for over 10 years from Pre-Can up to Gold levels.  Coached in Korea for 20 years from head coach of local club and Korean National Team

Personal Skating Accomplishments:

  • Korean Men & Ice dance champion
  • ISU Championship - Korean Ice dance team
  • International Judge - Single & Ice Dance
  • Korean National Head Coach 
  • ISU Technical Delegate - 2005 ISU 4 Continental Championships
  • 2019 Volunteer Coach Award - Skate Ontario
Rate: $12.00/15 mins


Glenna Osika
Support and Learn-to-Skate Coach

Glenna has been coaching with Skate Canada Coach for 30 years. She is a Certified Provincial Coach and is National Coach Trained.

She has worked at both small and large clubs, focusing on children learning to skate, special needs athletes, STAR and Adult skaters.

She is Level 2 Special Olympics certified. She has prepared and taken both Special Olympic athletes and Adult skaters to succeed at the National level.

By background, she is an RN, with extensive experience in many facets of the medical field.

Glenna is not accepting private lesson skaters but will be assisting with several of our programs.


Choosing a Coach

Individual instruction can begin as early as CanSkate after the fundamentals of skating are well established. Some factors to consider when choosing a coach include: Level of certification, years of coaching, skating experience, levels/ disciplines taught, availability, fee rates, coaching style, and philosophy.

Please feel free to discuss your goals and needs with several coaches before selecting a private coach. Some coaches may be willing to teach skaters on a trial basis. Skaters’ needs change over time; there may come a time when your coach needs to change. When switching coaches, your present and prospective coaches should be informed. All outstanding fees to your present coach must be paid prior to the change. It is considered unethical for coaches to offer lessons to skaters who have established coaching arrangements.