Special Offers

ForceField Headbands

Many of you have inquired about the ForceField protective headbands that some of our skaters wear on the ice.

Here is a little more about ForceField protective head bands:

"When a helmet is not the best option, many look to Forcefield™ for a practical solution to reduce the risk of injury. The only headband in the world with patented, CEII marked technology significantly lessens the force of impact from within a athletic-quality sweatband. Protecting your head in non-collision sports is now super easy, as easy as wearing a sweatband."

For more information or to purchase a head band, visit them online at:


Be sure to check out their special offers page as they frequently post coupon codes: http://icesafety.ca/forcefield-headgear-promo

Crasche Headbands

The Crasche® Figure Skating Middie is designed to help protect skaters in the event of a fall.The Middie protective elements are made up of an outer layer of strong polycarbonate plastic, and an inner layer of skin friendly neoprene rubber. The protective element is 2.25 inches high, and the Middie has a soft cotton terry layer next to your the skin. Remove the protective elements before washing. An additional neoprene element is added to the rear of the hat to help keep it in place.

Visit their website for more info or to purchase: http://crasche.com/product/crasche-middie-figure-skating